Contemporary figurative artist Eric Armusik


Morning Call Newspaper Article – Local Artist is Burning Down the Art

After 28 days it finally comes down to 2 paintings left.  Check out this morning’s article in the Morning Call Newspaper.,0,2312265.story

Here are the two paintings left:  Both can be purchased via paypal through the website at

It’s so hard to imagine it has come down to this.  I am in awe at the response to the whole venture.  Sure the idea was genius.  I believed that from the beginning, even when some people called it evil, malevolent, a stunt and some even told me I was throwing my career.  Hmmm….  I don’t know how an artist does that, but the message boards and my email are awfully quiet now.  I made the announcement that I would sell everything halfway into this venture.  I had no idea how but at that moment it seemed like I would let this become my purpose and the primary focus.  Today, I’m almost there and I predict that in the next 24 hours I’ll be announcing it is all over.  Thank you everyone who stayed there for me even when things got rough.  I now know who my real friends are.


June 13

Today I made the decision to remove “Escaping” from the Fire Sale.  It really came with no regrets.  I was wrong to include it in the first place and I easily found a suitable replacement that fits into that decade of art anyhow.  Even better yet, I found a buyer for it.  Getting back to Escaping…

While it isn’t a favorite painting of mine from back in 1996, I’ve come to realize there is a lot of emotion to it that I had forgotten about.  Rebekah and I met just a month before I moved into this bombed out apartment building to rent as a studio that winter.  The conditions there were horrible but the 2000 sq ft of space was perfect.  The building had burned down a few months earlier but half of it was clean enough to work.  No electricity, no plumbing and worse of all no heat or air conditioning.  $50 a month sounded good though.  I had one electrical chord run up the stairs from the tenant below and I would plug in my lights and my stereo and go to town.  In the winter I had to dress extra heavy and later my dad let me borrow a torpedo heater for the really cold nights that went down around zero degrees.  Nothing like the smell of damar varnish and burning kerosene with loud heavy metal music.

I had been working on Escaping for about a month and a half when Rebekah and her friend Rebecca had asked to stop by that night.  I was embarrassed by the studio space but I thought, hell, it isn’t my space really, so I agreed.  What an amazing moment that night.  Showing them both my work was so great, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the girl that would be my darling wife someday.  She was amazing to talk to about my art, just like the night we had met a month earlier.  You see, Rebekah was the first woman I dated that even cared about my being an artist.  From day one we just connected in an uncanny way, in addition to our falling in love.  That connection has always been there and it survives to an incredible degree today.  From that night on she fell in love with that painting because at the time she was falling in love with me.  I loved the painting at the time but as artists we always love what we’re working on and we quickly allow it to fall out of favor with the following painting.  This sat on top of a futon in our first apartment and we even have a rare photo of us (if you knew how much Rebekah hates being photographed you wouldn’t be surprised) on it just weeks before we were married.  Then it hung in our first home we rented in our living room and for the first few years of living in our home it hung in our great room.  It went into storage around 2003 and for 7 years now it became hidden from our hearts just as all of the paintings in this fire sale were.  It only took a short time before Rebekah had started to tell me that she was upset at my decision to include it.  Last week I received so many emails about it that it got me wondering why I had made such a bad decision also.  I like to pride myself on being the kind of husband that respects and knows what is best for our home.  So, tonight I made the decision to remove it from the fire sale and mark it NFS.  It will stay in our home and with my family for good.

In replacement I decided to add “Too Late”.  The funny thing about this being added is that I found a buyer for it not very long ago due to the fire sale.  I had intended to add it to the official Fire Sale page but once things got rolling it felt like something I should leave alone.  I know now that the timing was right to remove Escaping and adding Too Late in its place.

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement these past few weeks.  The work has been stressful but a hell of a lot of fun no matter what.  With one week to go who knows how things will work out.  I’m working very hard this week.  More than you can imagine.  Take care.

June 9 – Fire Sale

After three weeks I’m really starting to see a very different side to the whole Fire Sale.  At first it seemed a lot less serious, almost laughable.  Imagine an artist losing his mind and setting fire to all his work.  That kind of thing.  It didn’t bother me because I stored away my feelings towards these pieces along with them in the dust and cobwebs of my studio for the last 6 years.  I haven’t even looked at them.  It was just something from my past.  Something that I know that today I could do better now that I’ve matured.  But in the last three weeks, with each new sale, and a new face connecting to the art whether online or off, I find myself having to reconnect with the work.  Now, I feel compelled to save all of it, just as many people have communicated to me via email or phone.  I’ve set my mind to it and I believe they will all sell before June 20th.

It’s been a very stressful ride.  I thank everyone who has been there for support.  You know who you are.

Artist Threatens to Burn a Decade of Paintings

Artist Eric Armusik Threatens to Burn a Decade of Paintings if They Do Not Sell

\”Watch the YouTube Video”

At 8:00 PM EST Artist Eric Armusik made an announcement via YouTube video that he would be offering a decade of his paintings in what he called a “Fire Sale” through his website For 30 days he will sell this body of work for a discounted sale and if any paintings were left on June 20, 2010 he would be setting any and all of them on fire, thus eliminating them forever from art history.

Armusik’s large figurative paintings are a journey through art history, borrowing timeless themes of mythology, faith, and history while drawing parallels with his own experiences as a representational painter rooted here in the contemporary art world. His work is unapologetic in its use of traditional painting techniques and romantic subject matter and he even takes the occasional jab at the implied inferiority of modern art with paintings like “If Picasso Could Paint”.

In early May 2010, Eric’s artwork was picked for the prestigious Chairman’s Choice Award in Art Renewal Center’s International Salon out of 1700 entries from artists of 30 countries, establishing him as one of the most promising figurative artists in the genre of realism today. Eric’s paintings are in numerous private collections and public institutions such as the Trenton Museum of Art. His work has been exhibited at the Salmagundi Club, NYC, Allentown Art Museum, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Monsoon Galleries, and Progressive Galleries. Eric’s paintings have appeared nationally in a number of publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, American Art Collector Magazine, American Artist Magazine, Poets and Artists, Old House Journal and for the entire year of 2009 in five publications of Victorian Homes Magazine.

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Eric wins Chairman’s Choice Award for Odysseus and the Sirens in the 6th International ARC Salon

Very pleased to announce “Odysseus and the Sirens” has received the Chairman’s Choice award in the 2010 International Salon among 1700 of the finest entries in contemporary realism from over 30 countries.